Thursday, November 17, 2011

Second journey of Superliga

Week of October 16th-22nd

Monday morning SUCKED since I woke up feeling like crap and I had a fever the night before. Stomach was killing me headache the whole deal. I laid on the couch all day and Angela graciously took the little kids that we have to coach monday and wednesday at the International College of Spain for me and I stayed in bed.  I drank loads and loads of water but still felt like crap all day. I tried to limit myself to bland foods again and see what I could stomach and it turned out to be I couldn't stomach much.  This week will be tough since we play Sofi Muller, who happens to be the sister of Ani my teammate but more interesting is the fact that she is also the daughter of our manager Fabian and his wife Lily.  Her team from Barcelona is one of the top teams in the league and we finished 9th out of 11 last year in Superliga so it is a big underdog match (which I love for us)

Tuesday rolls around after Monday not being so hot and we have weights and then practice with the little kids that we have to help with now at the club.  I started to feel a little better but at practice was just so drained from not being able to keep much food inside my stomach.  Even Esther pointed out that I looked exhausted.  Never a good thing when people notice that you are tired cuz it means you look like crap.  Practices are going to be a drag this week if my body feels like this.  Good thing is that Lily and Fabian invited us over for dinner two times this week for lovely family meals.  Its nice when we get an invite even once a week which is not expected but appreciated.  When it happens more than once its just proving we are lucky to be where we are.  

As the week goes on I feel much better and Friday rolls around and Fabian, Lily and Ani ask us to join them at the Wok which is a chinese stir-fry buffet. We of course joined them and enjoyed Sushi (for the first time since being here) along with other fun appetizers from the buffet. Then we selected our items that we wanted for our stir fry and brought it up to them picked our sauces and pooof magic we had a plate.  It was delicious with chicken, meat, shrimp, or whatever else we wanted protein wise and fresh vegetables.  Dessert was fruit which was yummy and then some chocolate tart thing. Fabian said remember we have a match tomorrow you have to be able to jump, lol.  

GAME DAYYY rolls around and Angela and I are so so so excited to play a good team and see where we fair. . . . this is how we faired GANAMOS (we win 3-0).  They were a good team but we won 3-0 and played very very well in front of a fun home crowd since it was the day the club players had a family presentation.  I felt bad for Sofi who the girls cheered for after the match.  It was a nice gesture and she is a great player and person.  No surprise when she comes from Fabian and Lily.  Anyways that about ends the week for us with the match and we go to the Wok again after the match with Audra because we are starving.  Its a good post game meal with the American girls that are quickly becoming family to me.  After that we head home and I am exhausted.  Angela decides to go out with Ana that night and have a good time while I stay in because I am simply too tired from the week of struggling with sickness.  

We went Sunday to watch the juvenil game at the gym designated for volleyball in our club. Then afterwards we went with Lily to take Sofi back to the airport and joined Fabian, Lily and Ani for dinner at their house.  It's been a week full of invitations to go to dinner with them and they are never unappreciated. We stayed after for a while with them talking about anything and everything under the sun then went back to our house and made dinner together before heading to sleepy time. 

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