Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Oct 10th through (in part) Thursday 13th

10/10/2011 - 10/17/2011 3:41pm Alcobendas

Monday 10th-

Today is the start of sprinting and Paleo for Angela and I.  I went to do sprints at the gym while she did her own lifting workout. We had some delicious lean clean healthy foods all day to start our season journey.  The rules are no processed foods, so pasta, breads, dairy products etc.  We are allowing ourselves starchy vegetables after big games such as sweet potatoes, yams and other potato forms.  The diet itself is not supposed to allow really any of those but there is differences in the athlete version and the regular version.  The other rules that we are allowing to break is oatmeal because its a low glycemic carb that we need in our body after workouts to replenish our carb stores. One alcohol beverage a week and one serving size of a sweet a week.  Everytime we break a rule we run a mile. Its going to be great. Looking forward to a season full of healthy habits. We coached the little kids today and found out that Wednesday is the Spanish celebration of Columbus day so we don't have to teach then. All in all a low adventure day but still accomplishing things over here. Ciao!

Tuesday 11th-

Lift...means weigh ins....means Angela and I are proud that we are starting our Paleo Diet this week :) enough said there. After lift Paolo told us that we have to help with the mini volley at Alcobendas (12 and unders) on Tuesday and Thursday because there is only one coach for 30-40 kids.  We agreed semi-unwillingly but only because Tuesday and Thursday were usually our days for english lessons before practice. Oh well, we'll figure out other ways to make all of that work out for us. Just don't want to lose a source of income. Trying to save money to travel on our off weekends. We still dont know where we want to go our weekend off in November and its closing in on us quickly. We will figure it out sometime soon I think. Practice today was semi more active than usual Tuesdays because we play this weekend for the first official league match.  So that was a plus and I liked having it be more active. These entries are getting shorter but simply because the weekdays are the same.  The best news of the day is I taught little kids how to play volleyball today for an hour and a half speaking only spanish....broken spanish at best but spanish none the less.  They help me when I stumble through a word and they fix me when I am wrong.  So that will be helpful in getting closer to being somewhat fluent in Spanish.  Although Lily told us that she wants us using English so that they are learning from us rather than the other way around.  Well that about sums up my day.  Hasta Luego!

Oh my goodness I almost forgot to fill everyone in on our spectacular dinner. We made lettuce wraps.  We took some veggies and sautéed them with olive oil since thats allowed in the paleo diet.  Then we chopped and cooked some chicken and turkey.  We cut some tomatoes and avocados in slices then we made our delicious lettuce wraps and wow were they amazing.  Exactly like a sandwich without the bad cheese and unnecessary carbs from the wrap.  So delicious and filling without the guilty feeling after the meal. YUMMY gonna love this paleo diet thing.  

Wednesday 12th-

Gameday is getting closer every morning that we wake up.  That means every morning that we wake up I am that much more excited for the day ahead of us.  And with this Paleo thing Ang and I plan our dinner meals out so much better and much more in advance.  We decided tonight we would have a tropical chicken salad. So we bought chicken and marinated in pineapple all day. Then we chopped apples, pineapple, mangos, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers before practice.  We came home after practice and just had to wash and cut the lettuce bake the chicken and then add all our toppings to our salads which didnt even need dressing because of all the delicious toppings we added.  Just wow impressive that we made that and it was guiltless and delicious. Before that we had practice and it was better more active yet again because we have a game sunday and Paolo is trying to get us ready each day for the start of the league.  He still has his temper tantrums that Angela and I have decided are largely due to the fact that he is Italian.  That isnt meant to be offensive as people know that I am Italian and Angela is as well on her dad's side.  Its just a simple thing that we have grown to notice. Today was also another day of sprints for Angela and I which felt great. We did shorter sets because its mid week and we have the match on Sunday, dont want to be too sore from an extra workout.  Next week is really when we are going to try and kick start the workouts. This was a good start though. Alright that was about our day. Nighty Night

Thursday 13th-

Lift in the am was fine and dandy even though my legs were a little sore from the sprints the day before. All in all today was just blah blah blah.  We had to coach the little kids again today so another hour and a half of spanish speaking for me of which I think I stumbled through more sentences than I actually correctly spoke.  

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